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Notification of Death or Serious Bodily Harm

Children’s aid societies and residential licensees must inform the Ombudsman in writing and without unreasonable delay if they learn of the death or serious bodily harm to a child or young person who had sought or received a children’s aid society service within 12 months before the death or the day on which the harm occurred.

Societies and licensees must also inform the child or young person, and any person with lawful custody or a lawful right of access to the child, about the Ombudsman and provide them with the Ombudsman’s contact information.

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Information Regarding Child/Youth and Incident

Attention: Please do not include the name of child/youth associated with this notification

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Notification Requirements


You are asked to provide the necessary contact information for the Office of the Ombudsman as soon as possible and at least within 14 days of the Incident.

Service providers should maintain records that document that they have complied with the obligation to notify children, parents and others about the Ombudsman's Office, as required, as the Ombudsman may request this confirmation at a later date as part of an individual or systemic investigation.

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