2006 Press Releases

In his most recent report titled, “Its All in the Name,” Ontario’s Ombudsman André Marin found that the Ontario Family Responsibility Office needs to accept greater responsibility for ensuring that the rights of Ontario’s Families are protected in the enforcement of support orders.
In announcing the release of his first Annual Report since taking office in April 2005, Ombudsman André Marin praised the Ontario government for the cooperation his office has received during the past year, while at the same time expressing disappointment at the apparent disconnect between the government’s support of the Office’s day-to-day work and its reluctance to champion the expansion of oversight in Ontario and to bring the Office’s jurisdiction more in line with that of other provinces.
Ontario’s disabled have lost out on disability benefits to the tune of at least $6 million, as a result of delays in processing their applications for support by the Ministry of Community and Social Services’ Ontario Disability Support Program and the impact of a provincial regulation, which limited retroactive benefit payments to four months. “Thousands of Ontario’s most vulnerable citizens have become losers in a cruelly insensitive and intensely bureaucratic waiting game” Mr. Marin notes in his latest report titled “Losing the Waiting Game.”
The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is experiencing a crisis of credibility and must take real and concrete steps to improve public confidence in the assessment system, Ombudsman André Marin said at a press conference announcing the release of his report on the investigation into the transparency of the property assessment process and the integrity and efficiency of decision-making at MPAC.