Location, location, location

Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services

Date: 2011

The owner of a children’s dance studio contacted the Ombudsman after he learned that the Ministry had decided to open a Probation and Parole office in the same building as his studio. He was concerned that some of the offenders who would be required to visit this office might have been convicted of offences against children – some might also be required by their parole and probation conditions to avoid places frequented by children. He was also worried that parents might withdraw their children from his dance classes once they became aware of this new neighbour. Ministry officials had refused the man’s requests that they reconsider the move. But when Ombudsman staff contacted them, they agreed to further review the choice of location. The Ministry later wrote to the man to advise him that, in “the best interests of the community,” it would find a new location for the probation and parole office.