No place like home

Ministry of Community and Social Services

Date: 2010

A 28-year-old woman with mental health issues and a genetic disorder suffered from severe depression and post-traumatic stress after injuring herself in a group home. Her mother called the Ombudsman’s Office for help in dealing with the Ministry of Community and Social Services, which she claimed had promised it would support her with “whatever it takes” to care for her daughter at home.

The mother complained that her emails to the Ministry requesting financial assistance for therapy for her daughter were not being answered, nor had the Ministry responded adequately to her complaints about the daughter’s former group home.  After being contacted by the Ombudsman’s Office, Ministry officials acknowledged that the mother’s emails were not responded to because of an oversight on their part. Arrangements were made to provide funding for the daughter’s therapy and reimburse the family for the money it had already spent. The Ministry also agreed to provide the family with a letter documenting the actions that were taken in response to their complaints about the group home.

The family was pleased to receive this acknowledgement and advised our Office that they have been reimbursed $2,550 by the Ministry. They also informed the Ombudsman that the daughter is making excellent use of the therapy funded by the Ministry and has been doing well since her return home.