A Burden Lifted

Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (OSAP)

Date: 2009

A Burden LiftedA recent university graduate complained to the Ombudsman that she had been wrongly charged interest on her student loans for a year-long period during which she was still a student. She had attempted to resolve the problem through the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP), her university’s financial aid office and the National Student Loan Centre (NSLC), all to no avail.

After hearing from the Ombudsman’s Office, OSAP staff agreed to review her file and confirmed that her $18,936 Ontario student loan should not have accrued interest during the time she was still in university.

The Canada Student Loans Directorate of the NSLC also agreed to reverse interest charges on the complainant’s $28,404 Canada student loan.

As a result of the Ombudsman’s involvement, $1,381 in interest charges was removed from the woman’s two student loan accounts and she received a refund of $142.

She wrote a thank-you letter to the Ombudsman, stating that “a huge burden was lifted” as a result of his staff’s help.