Better Late than Never

Ministry of Community and Social Services (Ontario Disability Support Office)

Date: 2008

A son complained that it took two years for his father to be transferred from the Ontario Works Program to the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP). 

Yet once the transfer was finally made, ODSP would not grant the man retroactive benefits. What’s more, he was told he could not appeal because he had missed ODSP’s 15-day deadline for requesting an internal review.

The Ombudsman’s Office contacted ODSP and the Ministry of Community and Social Services with respect to the delay in transferring the man’s case from Ontario Works. 

ODSP determined it could grant the man retroactive benefits of $6,000, covering the two-year gap. 

The son wrote a thank-you card to Ombudsman staff, urging us to “keep up your good work speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.”