Time to Pay Up

Ministry of Community and Social Services (Family Responsibility Office)

Date: 2007

A mother who had not received any child support payments complained that FRO was not doing enough.  An attempt to get the delinquent support payor into court failed when he managed to evade being served with court documents.  After the Ombudsman’s Office  inquired into the case, the FRO ensured the man was served with the papers, the court granted a warrant of committal requiring his imprisonment, and he paid $15,000 in outstanding child support.

In August 2006, the woman sent the Ombudsman a personal note to thank him for publicly reporting on another case where he found that the FRO had failed to meet its enforcement obligations. She wrote: “I wish to thank the Ontario Ombudsman for addressing this egregious assault on the most vulnerable members of our society; the children. Child neglect is a crime. Failure to provide court-ordered child support is neglect.  It is high time our government took effective measures to convey the message that it will be treated as such.  I applaud Mr. Marin for reminding our elected officials that children have rights.”