Refund Relief

Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

Date: 2007

A woman paid more than $7,500 in tuition to a community college on behalf of her niece, who was coming from abroad to study in Ontario.  When the niece was unable to obtain a student visa, the college would not refund the tuition money without a letter confirming the visa had been denied.  The aunt was worried she would not be able to obtain the letter because mail service in her niece’s home country was unreliable.

The Ombudsman’s Office contacted the college regarding its refund policy, which was not publicly available on the college’s website.  The Office contacted a director at the college who agreed to refund the woman $7,000, with an additional $300 to be refunded if the visa denial letter was obtained.  The Director also agreed to put more information on the college’s website about its refund policy.