Last-Minute Test

Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

Date: 2007

Nurse.jpgA student nurse had almost reached her graduation dayafter two years at a community college when she, along with 35 other students,received an e-mail from the college registrar telling them to pay an extratuition fee of $527.10 – or they would not get their diplomas.  Like most students, she was strugglingto make ends meet.  The extratuition fee was deducted from her Ontario Student Assistance Program cheque,leaving her only $285 to live on.

The Ombudsman’s Office contacted the Finance Unit of the Colleges Branchof the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.  It was ultimately determined that thecollege had violated the Ministry’s tuition fee policy, as the students werenot advised of the fee change before the start of their academic year.  The college agreed that the nursingstudents should not have to pay the extra fee.