An Early Christmas Present

Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Date: 2007

Drugs.jpgA man contacted the Ombudsman’s Office in fear of bankruptcy, after the Trillium Drug Program turned down his request for help with his wife’s drug costs of $350-400 per month.  He had been told his application could not be approved because he had not provided social insurance numbers for his two teenage daughters.  The daughters were still in school and did not have social insurance numbers.

The Ombudsman’s Office reviewed the man’s case with a manager at the privately contracted firm which manages the Trillium program.  The manager agreed that the daughters’ social insurance numbers could be provided later, once the girls had applied for and received them, but his application would be approved immediately. The man was able to pay for his wife’s prescriptions that very day – three days before Christmas – with full coverage from Trillium.