Lotteries: A Game of Trust

Lotteries: A Game of Trust

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation

Date: 03-26-2007

The province agreed to 23 recommendations including a new lottery regulation system after the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation was found to have paid out millions of dollars in prizes to “insiders.”

Ombudsman's report: A game of trust

Investigation launched October 26, 2006.
Report released March 26, 2007.

Cover of report, A Game of TrustRead the report HTMLPDF

Ombudsman urges regulation of lotteries to restore trust, Province and OLG vow to act on recommendations (Press release - March 26, 2007)
Ombudsman’s remarks (accessible PDF)
Backgrounder (accessible PDF)
Backgrounder - Key Dates (accessible PDF)
Fact sheet (accessible PDF)
Summary Report to the Ombudsman by the OLG - September, 2008 (accessible PDF)
Press Conference (video)

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