G20 summit: Caught in the Act

Turning complaints into results

G20 summit: Caught in the Act

Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services

Date: 12-07-2010

The province agreed to review the Public Works Protection Act and the regulation it passed to enhance police powers for the June 2010 G20 summit after the Ombudsman found the regulation was “of dubious legality,” largely kept from the public and contributed to mass breaches of civil rights during the Toronto event.

Ombudsman's Report: Caught in the act

Investigation launched July 9, 2010.
Report released December 7, 2010.

Cover of report, Caught in the Act Read the report

Ombudsman releases information on G20-related police complaints (Press release - February 23, 2011)
Response to Request for Information from the Office of the Independent Police Review Director - February 23, 2011 (accessible PDF)
Ontario Ombudsman statement on G20 arrests and detentions (Press release - December 9, 2010)
Statement by Ombudsman André Marin (December 9, 2010) (accessible PDF)
Ombudsman finds G20 regulation of “dubious legality”; Citizens unfairly trapped by secret expansion of police power (Press release - December 7, 2010)
Backgrounder (accessible PDF)
Timeline (accessible PDF)
Ombudsman’s Remarks (accessible PDF)
Toronto Police Service letters - August 5, 2010 (accessible PDF)

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