Common Referrals

Where to complain if:

  • Your issue is outside of the Ombudsman’s jurisdiction
  • You have not yet exhausted other avenues of complaint

The Ombudsman oversees more than 1,000 public sector bodies in Ontario, and is an office of last resort. We can only deal with complaints about bodies that are within our jurisdiction, after existing complaint mechanisms have been tried.

Are you complaining about a body that is within the Ombudsman’s jurisdiction? Check to see if it is on our "Who We Oversee" list.

The organizations listed on this page – by topic – might be able to help you before you come to the Ombudsman, or if your complaint is about something we don’t oversee, such as private sector or federal government bodies. We regularly refer people to these organizations.

If you are still not sure where to turn, contact us and our staff will do their best to help.

Canada Post (Federal)

Correctional Facilities (Federal)


For complaints about Ontario correctional facilities, contact us.


Energy Companies (Private)

Highway 407- ETR

Hospitals and Long-Term Care Facilities

Hydro One


For complaints about municipally-owned hydro companies, contact us.

Passports (Federal)

Procurement (Federal)

Service Canada (Federal)

Taxes / Canada Revenue Agency (Federal)

Toronto, City of

Veterans’ Issues (Federal)