Town of Petrolia

May 22, 201822 May 2018

The Ombudsman reviewed closed meetings held by council for the Town of Petrolia under the labour relations or employee negotiations exception. The Ombudsman found that the municipality was permitted to discuss a proposal respecting its community centre in camera because all employees of the centre were to be terminated as part of the proposal. Generally, the labour relations exception does not apply to discussions relating to an organizational review or restructuring by a municipality. However, the exception may apply to a discussion relating to reorganization as it affects individuals and their roles. While no individual employees were identified during the meeting by name or position, the portion of discussion about employees applied to every employee of the community centre.

Town of Amherstburg

November 20, 201520 November 2015

The Ombudsman reviewed a closed meeting held by council for the Town of Amherstburg to discuss health and safety concerns raised by municipal employees. The municipality retained a labour consultant to provide advice on the complaints. The Ombudsman found that the discussion fit within the labour relations or employee negotiations exception because council discussed the conditions of work for specific employees, as well as the general work environment for all employees in a specific department, and decided to terminate the employment of two employees.