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Township of Lanark Highlands

May 21, 202421 May 2024

The Ombudsman found that council for the Township of Lanark Highlands did not contravene the open meeting rules in the Municipal Act, 2001 when it discussed the Glenayr Kitten Mill in closed session. The Ombudsman found that these in camera discussions fit within the Act’s closed meeting exception for advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege.

Township of Springwater

July 12, 201912 July 2019

The Ombudsman received a complaint regarding a closed meeting held on April 29, 2019. Council for the Township of Springwater closed the meeting to the public to discuss a legal letter. The complaint alleged that council’s discussion during that closed session did not fit within the closed meeting exception for litigation or potential litigation found in the Municipal Act, 2001. The Office’s review determined that council considered litigation or potential litigation against a named individual during the closed session. The review also determined that council discussed personal matters about an identifiable individual, another exception in the Act.

Municipality of Brockton (Walkerton BIA)

February 13, 201713 February 2017

The Ombudsman reviewed a closed meeting held by council for the Municipality of Brockton to discuss a matter related to the legality of the Walkerton Business Improvement Area’s (BIA) practices and structure. During the meeting, council considered a letter written by the solicitor of a local business owner raising concerns about the BIA and formally requesting that the BIA take corrective action. The Ombudsman found that litigation was a realistic possibility. Accordingly, the discussion fit within the litigation or potential litigation exception.

City of Oshawa

June 28, 201328 June 2013

The Ombudsman reviewed a closed meeting held by council for the City of Oshawa to discuss a matter involving the disposition of municipally owned lands. The meeting was closed under the acquisition or disposition of land exception. Council discussed a staff report that provided information on the property and correspondence from the lawyer of an interested buyer. Council also discussed how to proceed with respect to the disposition of the lands. The Ombudsman found that council’s discussion fit within the acquisition or disposition of land exception.