Powerful extension

Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (Hydro One)

Date: 2010

Powerful extensionA woman who was looking after her 81-year-old bedridden mother at home saw her Hydro One bill rise to $600 a month because her mother required the constant use of oxygen and ventilation machines. She was finding it difficult to pay the bills, as she had a limited income and the spousal support she had been receiving had been reduced, but she had recently reduced her hydro arrears to $1,300 from $4,400.

Despite this, Hydro One sent her a notice advising her that her power supply would be cut within 24 hours. The woman called her MPP and then the Ombudsman for urgent help, out of fear that her mother’s life support would be turned off. An Ombudsman staff member contacted a senior official at Hydro One and explained the woman’s circumstances. As a result, she was given an extra two weeks to pay her outstanding bills, which she managed to do with the assistance of family members.