Driven to Distraction

Ministry of Transportation

Date: 2007

Trucker.jpgA man who had recently moved to Ontario from the U.S. kept hitting a brick wall in trying to obtain a driver’s licence, despite 40 years’ driving experience.  The Ministry of Transportation advised him that the papers he had produced from the U.S. did not provide enough information about his driving history.  The man complained to the Ombudsman, as he needed a licence to drive to work and take his children to school.

The Ombudsman’s Office contacted staff at the Ministry of Transportation’s Special Inquiry Unit and learned that they had attempted to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in the man’s home state, but were unable to speak to anyone who could help. The Ombudsman’s Office managed to contact the state DMV, which agreed to fax a letter confirming the driver’s history.  The Ministry of Transportation issued him a licence back dated to 2001, reflecting his U.S. driving record.