The first Ombudsman of Ontario, Arthur Maloney, began calling for his mandate to be expanded to the broader public sector shortly after his office was established in 1975. In 1979, he published a 600-page “Blueprint” for future operations, reiterating this request. 

Extend jurisdiction of ombudsman, Maloney urges (Toronto Star, 1979)

Over the years, every other jurisdiction in Canada with an Ombudsman has opened its MUSH sector to scrutiny.

Since 2005, Ombudsman André Marin has reported on MUSH sector complaints in his Annual Report under the heading “Beyond Scrutiny.” Here are direct links to the most recent summaries:


More than 131 petitions and 19 private member’s bills have been introduced in the Ontario legislature since 2005, calling for increased Ombudsman oversight of various parts of the MUSH sector. Numerous public rallies have also been held.

In March 2014, the Ombudsman issued a backgrounder on the “Push for MUSH,” noting that more than 20,000 complaints about MUSH organizations had to be turned away since 2005 – read it here.




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